Indonesia Sea Gypsy Woman Craft Handmade Soap at O-Grid Eco Factory.

Zero waste Eco-Factory We are 100% using solar-powered and rain water as our resourcement creating a sustainable energy.

We believe in prosperous communities, protecting mother earth and karma.

The life of the Bajau people living in the remote Togean Islands of central Sulawesi (also known as the sea gypsies) depends on nature as their main source of food and income is derived from fishing and farming. Therefore, protecting the environment is essential to ensure that the next generation enjoys similar healthy living conditions and access to wild and farmed sources of food. They usually sell their farmed products to buyers on the mainland. But they could be achieving much more by transforming their harvests into value-added products, provided they have the right support. Togean naturale works with the local farmers and employs the local gypsy woman to produce handmade coconut oil, coconut oil soap, patchouli oil, body scrub and other everyday products using ingredients that are available in the surroundings. This results in a new source of income for the locals and the opportunity for an improved lifestyle.

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